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Welcome to the nostalgic history of home and game computers

This site will offer you information about all sorts of home computers and game computers from the seventies and eighties. Computers today and computer games are much more advanced, but it's nice to go back and look at where it all began. From the Altair to the latest Dell touch screen laptop, computers have evolved in an exponential and dramatic fashion. Their history, anecdotes about their development and the people behind them, like Ralph Baer who invented the Magnavox Odyssey waiting at a bus terminal and of course Nolan Bushnell, the founder of Atari.  

You can also take a look at my own cartridges, pong consoles and my computer collection, with home computers and game consoles I'm very proud of, like the Sinclair ZX80, the Commodore SX-64 and the first GDR home computer, the Robotron Z1013. I also have many interesting home and game computers for swap. When you see what desktop computers today are capable of such as system z deduplication and virtual tape deduplication it is hard to compare the two.

In other words... welcome to the nostalgic history of Pac-Man, Space Invaders, and famous home and game computers like Atari, Commodore and Sinclair. The time you had to wait endlessly before a computer game had loaded, but in which systems hardly crashed yet.

The history section of my site will gradually take shape. Almost every time you visit this site, you'll see that a section is added. Feel free to e-mail me or sign the guestbook with any suggestions and remarks.


Some home and game computers in my collection:

Sinclair ZX80
Sinclair ZX80
Commodore SX-64
Atari Pong
Atari Pong
Philips Telespel
Philips Telespel ES 2201
MB Vectrex
Robotron 1013
Robotron Z1013
CBM 8032
Commodore CBM 8032-SK
IBM 5150
IBM PC 5150

Other strange, funny or otherwise interesting home and game computers: Siemens Mikroset 8080, Tandy Radio Shack TRS-80, Commodore CBM 8096, Philips Videowriter, Philips P2000, Atari Portfolio, Zanussi Pong and a Grundy New Brain (do I need one? :)

History of Home and Game Computers, by Erik Klooster, the Netherlands

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