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Welcome to the nostalgic history of home and game computers

My Collection of Home and Game Computers

Brand Model
Home Computers
acorn logo Acorn Atom

acorn atom

  Acorn Electron

acorn electron

  Acorn BBC

acorn bbc

apple logo Apple II europlus

apple II europlus

  Apple II/c

apple2c.jpg (35567 bytes)

  Apple II/e

apple IIe

Apple III apple III
  Apple Macintosh ED

apple mac ed

  Apple Macintosh Plus

apple mac plus

apple mac bag 

Apple Macintosh Portable

apple mac portable

atari logo Atari 65 XE

atari 65 XE

atari 65 XE boxed

  Atari 130 XE

atari 130 XE

  Atari 400

atari 400


  Atari 600 XL

atari 600xl

  Atari 800 XE

atari 800 xe

  Atari 800 XL

atari 800xl

Atari 1040 ST fm

atari 1040 STfm

Atari Portfolio

atari portfolio

commodore logo Commodore CBM 3032

commodore CBM 3032

  Commodore CBM 8032-SK

commodore 8032sk

  Commodore CBM 8096

commodore 8096

  Commodore VIC-20

commodore vic20

commodore vic20 (boxed)

  Commodore 64

commodore 64

commodore 64 (boxed)

  Commodore 64C

commodore 64c

commodore 64c (boxed)

  Commodore 64G

commodore 64G

  Commodore SX-64 

commodore sx-64 (front)

 commodore sx-64

  Commodore 16

commodore 16

commodore 16 (boxed)

  Commodore plus/4

commodore plus/4

commodore plus/4 (boxed)

  Commodore Amiga 500

commodore amiga 500

commodore amiga 500 (boxed)

COMX Comx-35 comx-35 comx-35 white
dragon logo Dragon 32

dragon 32

Epson PX-8

epson px8

  Epson HX-20

epson HX-20

GRUNDY Grundy New Brain AD

grundy new brain

mattel logo Mattel Aquarius

mattel aquarius

mattel-aquarius-box.jpg (64939 bytes)

multitech logo Multitech Micro-Professor I

multitech microprofessor

 microprofessor printer
microprofessor printer

  Multitech Micro-Professor MPF-II multitech microprofessor MPF-II multitech MPF-II with keyboard
OLIVETTI Olivetti P6040 olivetti p6040  
philips logo Philips P2000T

philips P2000T

  Philips VG 8020

philips vg8020

 philips vg8020 (boxed)

Robotron Z1013

robotron-z1013.jpg (152966 bytes)

robotron z1013 (boxed)

Schneider CPC 464

schneider cpc 464

  Schneider CPC 664

schneider cpc 664

  Schneider CPC 6128

schneider cpc 6128

sharp logo Sharp MZ-700

sharp mz700

  Sharp MZ-800

sharp mz800

Sharp PC-1500A

sharp pc-1500A

siemens logo Siemens Mikroset 8080

siemens mikroset 8080

sinclair logo Sinclair ZX80

sinclair zx80

  Sinclair ZX81

sinclair zx81

sinclair zx81 (boxed)

  Sinclair ZX Spectrum

sinclair zx spectrum

sinclair zx spectrum (boxed)

  Sinclair ZX Spectrum+

sinclair specturm+

Sinclair ZX Spectrum+ 128 sinclair spectrum +2 128 K
  Sinclair ZX Spectrum+2

sinclair zx spectrum +2

  Sinclair ZX Spectrum, Sovjet clone

russian spectrum clone

  Sinclair QL

sinclair ql

sinclair ql boxed

  Sinclair PC 200

sinclair pc200

Spectravideo SV-328

spectravideo sv328

spectravideo sv328 (boxed)

  Spectravideo SV-328 MKII

spectravideo sv328 mkII

spectravideo sv328 mkII (boxed)

radio shack logo Tandy Radio Shack TRS 80-I

trs 80 model I

  Tandy Radio Shack TRS 80-III

trs80 model III

Tandy Radio Shack TRS 80-IV tandy trs 80 IV
  Tandy Radio Shack TRS-80 PC2

trs pc-2

trs pc2 boxed

  Tandy Radio Shack TRS-80 CoCo

trs80 coco

  Tandy Radio Shack TRS-80 CoCo2

trs80 coco2

  Tandy 102 tandy 102  
texas instruments logo Texas Instruments TI99/4 texas instruments ti 99/4  
  Texas Instruments TI99/4a

texas instruments 99/4a

texas instruments 99/4a (boxed)

  Texas Instruments TI99/4a, white us version

ti 99/4a us model

ti 99/4a us model (boxed)

Timex 1000

timex sinclair 1000

timex sinclair 1000 (boxed)

Thomson Thomson TO7-70

thomson to7-70

Vtech Laser 310 vtech laser 310
Early PC's and portables
ibm logo IBM 5150, the very first PC

ibm 5150

  IBM PS/2 Portable

ibm ps2 portable

compaq logo Compaq Portable III

compaq portable III

hewlett packard logo Hewlett Packard 85B

hewlett packard 85b

OSBORNE Osborne Variant-I

osborne variant I

philips logo Philips Videowriter

philips videowriter

sharp logo Sharp PC7000

sharp pc7000

 sharp pc7000 (closed)

Sharp PC7100

sharp pc 7100

Game Consoles
atari logo Atari VCS 2600 'wood', 6 switches

atari vcs2600 wood, with six switches

Atari VCS 2600 'wood', 4 switches

atari vcs 2600 wood, with 4 switches

  Atari VCS 2600 black

atari vcs2600 black (darth vader)

atari vcs2600 black (boxed)

  Atari VCS 2600 junior

atari vcs2600 junior

atari vcs2600 junior (boxed)

  Atari 7800

atari 7800

atari 7800 (boxed)

  Atari XE system

atari xe system

  Atari Jaguar atari jaguar atari jaguar boxed
mattel logo Mattel Intellivision

mattel intellivision

mattel intellivision in box

     MB Vectrex

vectrex mine storm

 vectrex hyper chase

nintendo logo Nintendo NES

nintendo nes

nintendo nes (boxed)

  Nintendo SNES

nintendo snes

nintendo snes (boxed)

Nintendo Virtual Boy nintendo virtual boy
philips logo 

Philips Videopac G7000

philips videopac g7000

  Philips Videopac G7400

philips videopac g7400

Sega Master System

sega master system

  Sega Mega Drive II + Mega CD II

sega megadrive II

 sega megadrive II (boxed)

 And last but not least: several pong consoles  


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Play games online on this site, and enter your name and high score. No need to download, play Pac-Man, Space Invaders, Asteroids and Snake simply on the screen.


New in my collection:

- Apple III
- Commodore 3032
- Sinclair PC200
- Texas Instruments  TI 99/4

And: a chess module for the Videopac (Magnavox):

philips videopac G7010 chess module



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History of Home and Game Computers, by Erik Klooster, the Netherlands