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Polls show that internet surfers attach much value to information about the person(s) and the intentions behind a site. So let's start this short intermezzo...

I'm Erik Klooster from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I was born in 1968, so an adolescent during the stormy rise of home and game computers and during the birth of friends like Pac-Man and enemies like Space Invaders. They consumed many, many hours.


And now again they consume many hours. Nostalgia drove me to collect home and game computers and computer games from those days. And because after my adventures with Pac-Man I studied history and I nowadays work as a journalist, it's fun to write about the history of the '8-bit-era'. This website is the result of it.

I constantly add new chapters to the site. For researching I use as many sources as possible, hoping to provide you with reliable information. When you have interesting information, additions or corrections, feel free to contact me.

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