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Welcome to the nostalgic history of home and game computers

Pong consoles - remember them?  

After Atari launched its famous Pong in 1975, the world was flooded with imitations. There must have been several hundred different models across the continents. The designs varied widely. The first models had only four options, just like the first console from Atari: tennis, hockey, squash and practice, for the lonely players. Subsequent pong consoles had extra options and in many cases even a light gun.

On this page you can take a look at several pong consoles from my collection. Elsewhere on this site you can find my collection of home computers and game computers.

Brand or name Model
Atari Pong (Sears Telegames)

Atari Pong

  Super Pong

Atari Super Pong

Audio Sonic PP 900

audio sonic pp900

audio sonic pp900 (boxed)

PP 940

audio sonic pp940

audio sonic pp940 (boxed)

Tele-Sports III

audiosonic telesports III

audiosonic tele-sports III (boxed)

Grandstand Adman 2000

grandstand adman 2000

grandstand adman 2000 (boxed)

Mentor Colour 6

mentor colour 6

Monarch CTX-4 Color

monarch ctx-4

monarch ctx-4 (boxed)

Norda TV Game H-925

norda TV Game H-925

norda TV Game H-925 (boxed)

Philips ES 2201 Telespel

philips es 2201 telespel

philips es2201 telespel (boxed)

Odyssey 2001

philips odyssey 2001

philips odyssey 2001 (boxed)

Odyssey 2100

philips odyssey 2100

philips odyssey 2100 (boxed)

Poppy TVG-4

poppy tvg-4

poppy tvg4 (boxed)

Prinztronic Tournament Ten

prinztronic tournament 10

prinztronic tournament 10 (boxed)

Soundic TV Sports

soundic tv-sports

Tandy TV Scoreboard

tandy tv scoreboard

Videomaster Colourscore

videomaster colourscore

Zanussi Ping-o-tronic

zanussi pong

Unknown TVG 101-4

tvg 101-4

tvg 101-4 (boxed)


History of Home and Game Computers, by Erik Klooster, the Netherlands

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You can also take a look at my collection of home and game computers, and at my collection of cartridges for several consoles.

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